Holistic Health and wellbeing agency massage for business brought to your offices

Stress Reducing Massage Onsite at your offices; London

Stress busting clothed office massage brought onsite directly to your offices by Calmer Karma.

With over 100 expert hand-picked therapists on our books dedicated to reducing stress in the workplace and our ability to offer the widest range of holistic massage therapies specially adapted to be used in the workplace; its easy to see why we're London's favourite corporate massage team!

Discover how our massage team can:
  • Reduce the harmful effects of stress on your business
  • Energise your team, and increase employee morale, loyalty and productivity
in just 20 minutes


Client/Press Praise::

"Their Indian head massage is a relaxing and yet totally re-energising treat that not only perked us up on a stressful afternoon but also created a good atmosphere in the office"
...Unlimited Magazine April 2001


Why stress harms your business? How massage benefits business? Why Calmer Karma? types of massage therapy available
Price guidelines What to expect

Discover the benefits for your business of offering our 20 min"Stress Release" or 30 min "Premier Wellbeing" clothed treatments onsite at your offices/workplace today.


  • Increased morale and performance capacity
  • A preventative tool against RSI
    relief from back, neck and shoulder muscular aches and tensions
  • Instant stress reduction
  • Feel good factor
  • Mental clarity
  • Renewed Energy & Vitality
Massage therapy is a powerful and cost effective tool for corporate preventative health care providing instant stress reduction, strengthening of the immune system and relief from muscular tension for your team. Calmer Karma specialise in stress solutions for business and offer a comprehensive range of services with this mission in mind!



The latest figures from the Health & Safety Executive document that:

60% of the 67 million working days
lost each year are stress related

Add to this the fact that 60% of the UK work force will at some time experience back-related issues, and the age of the computer increasing the risk of employees suffering from RSI and the benefits of a preventative holistic therapy programme for your team become instantly visible.

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Why calmerkarma ?

  • We specialise in the corporate market; and tailor all therapies to the workplace;
    20 min Stress Release
    30 min Premier Wellbeing clothed
    treatments- including ongoing stress management advice

    (15 min "Energise" sessions can also be arranged)

  • Calmer Karma is your guarantee of experience and quality - we personally test all therapists for professional and people skills - no-one gets past our recruitment team without us trying a trial session with them! We have over 100 therapists on our stress team!
  • Flexibility - Our premier team are all trained in more than 1 discipline - this means they can offer extra value by tailoring treatments onsite to the exact needs of the recipient



  • We have an unrivalled selection of powerful onsite stress therapies and our expert advisors will guide you as to what which will be the most beneficial for your company's individual needs and culture; including:
  • Corporate or OSM Chair Acupressure;
  • Indian head massage;
  • Reflexology;
  • Shiatsu;
  • Energy Balancing and Reiki:
  • NEW! Tui Na View selection

All of our therapies are clothed, and expertly adapted to be received at your desk if so wished

We personally align the therapists to your company.

Our therapists arrive in our smart company uniform and bring:
a smile, a versatile attitude and a sprinkling of charm... they will bring a breath of fresh air to your offices!

calmerkarma are London's premier Holistic Therapy Agency dedicated to enhancing corporate health and wellbeing. With the needs of the corporate market at heart we have specially adapted powerful treatments to work in the office, workplace, events, conferences, promotions or exhibitions. We offer a complete range of stress solutions for your business - all available onsite at your premises including:
tai chi classes
meditation & relaxation classes
yoga classes
life coaching
[stress management sessions]

* Calmer Karma are London based but willing to travel

Call calmerkarma on 020 7565 5355
now to discover the benefits of massage for your business!

Calmer Karma... Stress Solutions 4 Business (TM)

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