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Stress management tips, workshops and holistic tools brought to you by Calmer Karma's team of over 100 holistic experts.

The risks of job stress to your personal health and as an employer to the health of your business are being increasingly documented. It seems barely a week goes by without media focus on this growing problem.

Stress related issues are responsible for a massive 60% of the 67 million working days lost each year according to recent figures from the Health and Safety Executive.
Why Calmer Karma?

Calmer Karma offer are London's premier corporate health and wellbeing agency offering an innovative blend of traditional stress management tools complemented by an indepth range of holistic tools for health and wellbeing with over 100 holistic consultants taking action against stress in the workplace through: .

  • Clothed massage & complementary therapy brought to your offices
    (massage is an effective tool for immediate stress reduction and preventative
    against RSI, back neck and shoulder problems)
  • Online stress management tips
  • Workshops;
  • Vitality sessions, tai chi and yoga classes;
  • Holistic retreats to refresh body and soul;
  • Bespoke health & wellbeing programmes

Over the next few pages we share with you tips and techniques to provide you with vital information to enable you to recognise and proactively manage stress


Begin your day with breakfast
- Research shows that people who have breakfast are happier and more relaxed than people who skip it.
Your mood will be improved and so will your memory.

"Centre" yourself. Turn your wait for the tube, or bus into a positive experience- try this simple visualisation exercise:

Imagine you are a tall strong tree with your roots firmly in the ground, 'see' the roots going down and down, past the roots of the flowers, deep into the centre of the earth feel this strong energy relaxing and strengthening you as you breathe it up through your whole body.

Allow enough time to travel including time for traffic jams, parking and other possible delays and don't allow yourself to drive aggressively - you'll start the day much more relaxed and with so much more energy.

Listening to classical music may help you avoid stress while driving. Listening to Mozart improves breathing, heart rhythms and brain waves, while Bach induces relaxation, meditation and daydreaming.

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