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The Confederation of British Industry estimates businesses lost £10.2 billion in 1998 through lost productivity caused by stress

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Research from Harvard University shows that work stress is as harmful to health as smoking or taking no exercise and don't think you are doing your boss a favour by putting up with it:

The Institute of Personnel and Development says sickness leave is costing British Industry £500 per employee - that's £13 billion a year.


Your health is in your hands. Forward thinking employers now provide their employees with tools to manage stress - from paying for therapists to visit their premises offering onsite massage and other powerful holistic treatments to arranging seminars to educate their employees to manage stress effectively - if you are an employer be one of the innovators!

Reduce the stress levels of your employees
and everyone wins!

Want to help ease stress in the office? - arrange a Stress Busting Lunchtime seminar for your fellow colleagues or treat your team to on-site massages - great for reducing the risks of RSI, relaxing tired shoulders and invigorating your team


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Guardian - Office Hours - Claire Phipps (30/10'00)
"...Bosses who think that there's no problem with stress in their firm should be aware that their employees are consummate liars. When questioned by mental health charity Mind about absences from work caused by stress, 27% of workers admitted that they would rather fabricate a purely physical reason for taking time off than tell their boss that they were suffering from stress"....
Evening Std 18 September 2000
"It's a fact, people who experience regular stress at work are five times more likely to fall sick than those who don't and its costing UK industries dearly. Recent figures released by the Health and Safety Executive suggest that of 67 million working days lost each year 60 percent of these are stress related"
Here's Health - December 2000 A Pain in the Wrist
"Workers who are stressed are more likely to experience repetitive strain injury (RSI)
according to the latest research reported in the British Medical Journal.
The Guardian, 17/01/2000 Stress the big risk to business

A survey of the UK’s leading risk managers has predicted that stress is likely to become the most dangerous emerging risk to business in the early part of the twenty-first century. Following the recent £210,000 payout to the warden of a mobile-home site, the Association of Insurance and Risk Managers reckons that employee stress is the single main emerging risk for UK organisations and the third most important facing society as a whole after genetically modified organisms and e-commerce.

Metro, 09/10/2000 Firms fighting tide of stress
Stress counselling at work has trebled in nine years with more than half of all companies now providing it, a survey out today shows. More firms are also offering benefits such as childcare facilities, sabbatical leave and working from home to help staff cope better with the strain of modern living. With fewer jobs for life around, counselling to employees who lose their post has more than doubled from 36 per cent in 1990 to 77 per cent. A spokesperson for the consultants who carried out the survey of 136 firms said, "Technological advances such as the internet and email have placed employees under far greater pressure. Stress levels are building and the balance between work and home life must be actively managed. Employers are now taking positive action to make it easier for staff to do their jobs."
The Times, 26/05/2000 Workplace stress ‘as bad as smoking’

A study of the effect of strain on 21,290 women nurses in America by the Harvard Centre for Society and Health has found that women in stressful jobs are about a fifth more likely to suffer from bad health than those in an undemanding job. Previous studies have shown that stress increases chances of a heart attack, but the new research found that women with stressful jobs were as likely to suffer illnesses as those who smoked or did no exercise.

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