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Whether your company is looking to add to a conference or corporate day with entertainments such as juggling, tarot reading, rejuvenating clothed massage or aura photography or is looking for a journey of self growth for its employees - where your team develop qualities such as heightened self-awareness, creativity, trust and inner strength - we can create an event, retreat or workshop specifically tailored to your team's needs.

body mind Connection:
Holistic Stress Management
Life Coaching & Future Orientation

body & soul themes:
Mind, Body, Spirit Day
Discover your Inner Potential
Ancient Archetypes - Modern Empowerment

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We specialise in bespoke workshops and retreats - simply phone us to discuss your ideas/needs
... Ancient Wisdom for a Modern World  

Discover ancient wisdom for a modern world. Learn about the world of complementary health, find out about holistic vitality and discover ways to inner peace to harmonise body and soul with enlightening talks, demonstrations and indulgent one on one sessions

We bring the world of Mind Body Spirit to your offices, corporate event, conference or as an incentive retreat:

Saturate the 6 senses with our Chill out Zone(TM):
Demonstrations - from Holistic Belly Dancing to Performance Yoga
Talks or mini workshops from Leading Holistic Experts of your choice -on subjects such as Reiki Healing , Nutrition, Aromatherapy Tai Chi, Crystals, Colour Healing Ayurveda Tarot reading. etc.
Plus Magical Corporate Gifts such as:
Hand Made Calmer Karma Aromatherapy Blend - chose from Vitality or Calmer Zone*
Aura photograph, Aura painting or Spirit Guide Painting, Astrology Chart,
Individually Empowered Healing Crystals in a presentation box

* We can also provide a luxurious aromatherapy potion made to each participant's requirements
blended in front of them. Aromatherapy blends can also be labelled with your corporate logo.

You simply select from our comprehensive list of holistic, new age and esoteric services.

To discuss your bespoke requirements please call Calmer Karma on - 020 7565 5355

Holistic Stress management Workshops
R E L A X ... R E J U V E N A T E ... GO C R E A T E !(TM)  

Stress management using Ancient wisdom and modern secrets from the holistic world to relax, recharge and tap into hidden inner power and energy reserves during times of stress and set backs.

We will learn the secret tips aromatherapists, feng shui experts, life coaches, meditation gurus
and even crystal healers use to find inner calm, strength and tranquility in a chaotic world! Enabling them to RELAX... REJUVENATE.. AND GO CREATE

A fun and lifechanging workshop providing participants with powerful tools to enable them to work well under pressure in the future.

Make your workshop even more relaxing with rejuvenating massage
and holistic therapy treatments!
Stress Management Resources at this site:

Chill Out Zone - visit our fun relaxation page and yes... just relax !
Stress management tips - a simple guide
Stress facts and figures - recent press articles
Stress management tips
- some alternative ideas from the world of mind body spirit
Ancient Archetypes - Modern empowerment

Using the ancient archetypes depicted in the tarot. Participants will gain deep insights and experience great personal growth in this workshop.

Archetypes are powerful tools for self-growth and deeper self-understanding.
This is a fantastic workshop for team building as participants join the journey of the Fool and step into the energies of ancient archetypes.

Includes exercises revealing how others in the team view you.
Great for the creative disciplines. 1 Day Workshop- 1 Facilitator

Included in the day: A tarot deck or tarot reading for each participant

This workshop has no connection with predictive tarot and there will be no ladies in head scrarves with dangling ear rings

Discover your Inner Potential

This workshop/retreat leads to increased personal awareness, creativity and intuition among participants and facilitates skills to remain focussed and confident. It combines new age, holistic, art and drama techniques.

Including: Creative Visualisation, Centering & Focussing exercises
Group Shamanic drumming experience, discovering yourself in new roles
An introduction to the 7 Chakras or energy centres, expressing your Inner Artist
Tai Chi or yoga group work, Sweat Lodge, Holistic Life Coaching,

Mini Indulgent treatments for each recipient:choose from Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, Shiatsu, tarot reading or any services from our comprehensive list

This retreat develops your team's soft skills and is fantastic for team building as participants see each other in a new light. It is also great fun!

Guaranteed to break down all barriers in the office and your team will return with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

Express your Inner Goddess
An enlightening and empowering workshop for all the ladies as we reunite and celebrate our feminine gifts. Full of colour, magic and mystery - full details on application

Life Coaching & Future Orientation (TM)

A powerful workshop to enable particiants to access their highest potential. To turn dreams into reality, build self-confidence and self-esteem and access hidden talents. This workshop is facilitated by a life coach and/or creator of Future Orientation - Rosie Taylor an NLP and hypnotherapy practitioner

Our workshop leaders are experts who are knowledgeable, approachable,
entertaining and fun and these workshops will be colourful and informative.

They also teach participants techniques to "shine from the inside out" - a powerful tool for the 21st century. The shared experiences are fantastic for team building aiding work colleagues to see their fellow workers in a new light. Your colleagues will thank you... thank you... thank you


For more details or
to discuss your bespoke requirements
please call Calmer Karma on 020 7565 5355
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