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"In Daily life there is so much to do and so little time;
You may feel pressured to run all the time
Touch the ground of the present moment
and you will touch peace and joy
- Thich Nhat Hanh


Welcome! .... JUST RELAX..... have a play with the stars...
you know you want to! (Go to relax zone)























"Walk on a rainbow trail;
walk on a trail of song,
and all about you will be beauty.
there is a way out of every dark mist, over a rainbow trail"
- Navajo song

Relax and energy renews.......... relax and you rejuvenate body and mind.....
relax and creativity flows.... relax with Calmer Karma... Innovators in Inner Harmony (TM)

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We will be updating the relaxation zone each month with inspiring words and pictures -
not forgetting something to make you smile! - bookmark and pop back


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