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burlesque act: crystal shoeBurlesque Crystal Shoe Act: Gwendoline

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Gwendoline is Arguably the most elegant and refined burlesque performer working today. She has a Masters Degree in performance and experience of teaching movement, acting and cultural studies at many of the finest art and drama schools in the UK. With her unmatched poise, style and taste Gwendoline will seduce your senses and steal your heart.

Taking the art of burlesque to a new level with spectacular costumes and ravishing concepts. Her theatrical training means her shows are truly a cut above what one would usually expect from burlesque! Not only is she a striptease siren with a body to set your senses a-tingle, she also brings the artistry of a follies extravaganza and the dance moves of a latter day Ginger Rodgers into play. Always elegant, playful and witty Miss Lamour’s shows are exquisitely choreographed and perfectly executed.

Burlesque Crystal Slipper Act

Her new and most spectacular show! A truly stunning feast for the senses in which she performs a seductive and ravishing striptease before frolicking in her gorgeous 8ft x 4ft crystal shoe. A real first in burlesque and an absolute must see show!

Crystal Shoe

This prop is 8ft by 4ft and arrives in several pieces in a van. The Artist will need to know details of delivery area and formalities to pass onto her driver who will deliver and collect the prop. 

Tech requirements:
The stage space should be 10ft x 8ft or larger to accommodate the prop and choreography.
In addition the Artist would ask the venue to provide 2 members of their  crew to assist in carrying the prop to and from the stage area.  The prop is cumbersome but very valuable and needs to be handled with care.
 Dressing Room

Gwendoline will need a temperate, well-lit dressing room with full-length mirror, seating and power points. She will always bring her own assistant with her where possible

Lighting – should be pinks and warm tones.
Sound – Artist will provide music as MP3 and/ or CD whichever the client prefers. A sound check and walk through in the space should be made available to the Artist.

Perfect for:

Product launches
Jaw dropping entertainment


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