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A guide to therapies available for corporates, (workplace/offices) and events including Indian Head massage, Reiki Healing, Chair massage, energy healing, aromatherapy, acupuncture, reflexology, Indian head massage, Shiatsu, crystal healing, and chakra balancing all available onsite at your offices, workplace, corporate event, party or conference..

Please note that all treatments are received fully clothed and are specially adapted for the corporate market.



What is it?
Reiki means "Universal Life Energy" and is a gentle yet powerful ancient energy balancing technique from Japan.

During a session the reiki practitioner channels energy through to the client working on points on the body related the pressure points, the major organs and the 7 major chakras or energy centres to restore the body's harmony.

Do I need to believe in it to work?

No - but once you have tried it you will discover a feeling of wellbeing and inner strength Reiki is both relaxing and re-energising, and is a wonderful antidote for stress and tension.

What happens in a treatment:

Treatments are fully clothed and is a combination of "off the body" (working in the body's energy field - the aura) or hands on. It is wonderful to help with stress, and tension and after a treatment you will experience a feeling of inner calm and harmony

There has been an incredible awareness in the last few years of the healing powers of Reiki - which you can also learn to do yourself for self-healing and balancing.

Available as: 15 or 20 mins treatment - seated in your chair at your desk or on a couch
1 hour treatment on a couch

Suitable for:
corporate days,
product launches.
exhibition stands
parties and balls -(in an alcohol free zone)

Treatments are fully clothed. Hands on/off the body

We are also able to give talks and workshops on reiki - email for info

Ethical principles of Reiki:

Just for today,do not worry.
Just for today,do not anger.
Honour your parents, teachers and elders.
Earn your living honestly.
Show gratitude for everything.

Dr Mikao Usui

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Tui Na

Tui Na (pronounced twee-nah) has a recorded history of at least 4000 years and is one of the four components of Traditional Chinese Medicine, alongside more familiar treatments such as Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine and Qi Gong.

Using manual pressure instead of needles, the qi points and meridians of the body are massaged and it is performed through clothing (a loose-fitting tracksuit is ideal) or through a towel with some areas of the body treated whilst seated.

'Ancient massage that will rock and roll away your pain' Jane Alexander, the Daily Mail (1995)

The benefits of Tui Na in the office are:

  • head, neck and shoulders can be treated whilst seated at your desk.
  • No oil is used so there is no need to take clothes off and no residue marking.
  • After a 20 min session you will feel more relaxed and ready to carry on with a sense of calm and renewed energy.

    Calmer Karma's comments
    - fantastic deep intense treatment - very suitable for men - works deeply and powerful on tense muscles- this treatment will work where others only scratch the surface. Great for reducing physical symptons of long term stress

Suitable for:
Workplace stress

Exhibition stands

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Feng Shui Your Aura

You've had your hair and nails done; been to the gym and you're feeling good but something is missing..... Maybe you need to work on your aura. Your aura is your secret tool to a clearer, more self-assured you.

The aura is the electromagnetic field around the body. All of our life experiences are recorded in the aura - happy times, difficult times, emotions, our thoughts, feelings, triumphs and sadnesses. All "dis-ease" manifests first in the aura. Our auras are depleted by mobile phones, computers and stress- modern day life in general.

Have a session to power up your aura so that you shine from within. As you emerge shining and feeling more centered and stronger. Friends will ask you what you have changed - working with your aura is your secret tool to a clearer, more self-assured you.

Discover your inner rainbow ... with Calmer Karma

Available as: 15 or 20 mins treatment -
seated in your chair at your desk or on a couch
1 hour treatment on a couch

Suitable for: offices, demonstrations, corporate days, product launches.
Parties or balls (in a "calmer zone")
Treatments are fully clothed. Hands on/off the body

Our aura feng shui consultants use a combination of breathing and vibrational healing techniques (reiki, crystals, colour, sound, aromatherapy oils)... and a little help from the Universe.....


Crystal Healing

See a picture of one of Calmer Karma's therapists as featured in the Evening Standard crystal healing (please note corporate treatments are all seated


The interest in crystals and crystal healing has grown phenomenally over the last few years.

Crystals are amazing tools for harmonising and rebalancing energies of people and environments.

In a mini crystal healing treatment (20 mins;) which takes place whilst the recipient is seated; the crystal healer channels universal healing energies through a crystal wand which amplifies the energies. Crystal Healing takes you into a deep state of relaxation -you will experience a sense of inner peace and completeness.

Crystal healing is particularly beneficial for: stress, emotional issues, spiritual awakening

Available as: 20 mins treatment seated or on a couch. Or as a one hour treatment on a couch

Suitable for: offices, demonstrations, corporate days, product launches.
Parties or balls (in a "calmer zone")

Treatments are fully clothed; carried out hands on the body or hands off the body

1 Hr Treatments - these are undertaken whilst the client lies on a couch, the healer selects specific crystals according to the clients needs which they place on the body and the aura and an energetic geometric power grid of crystals is set up around the recipient.

(portable couches can be brought to venues all that is needed is a screen or private room)

See a picture of crystal healing as experienced in a one hour treatment

Learn more about crystals and crystal healing at our sister site

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The ancient spiritual masters of India taught that all living things were based on underlying energies. This became the foundation for Ayurveda, the world's oldest system of medicine, which developed as a method for balancing energy to promote optimal health and longevity.

AYURVEDA (pronounced "I-your-vay-da") is a system of holistic medicine from India with roots going back at least 5,000 years

Its influence has been noted in the roots of Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as the healing arts practiced by Hippocrates, the Ancient Greek founder of Western medicine.

The word "ayurveda" is a combination of the Sanskrit word "ayura," meaning "life" or "life span," and "veda" meaning "wisdom." Ancient ayurvedic texts, compiled by master herbalists and healers and tested over centuries, trace the sources of illness from the physical body through the mental plane, the "subtle body" (similar to the energy systems used in acupuncture) all the way up to vast cosmic cycles.

The ayurvedic system is based on the belief that the universe is made up of five different elements -- ether, air, fire, water and earth, which are present in all things, from planetary systems to subatomic structures, from colors and moods to sounds and feelings. Human sickness is seen as being caused by an excess or imbalance in these elemental influences; the goal of ayurveda is to bring them back into balance.

For example, excess air can cause gas (physical) or light-headedness (mental). Too much fire can lead to heat rash, heartburn or a hot temper. An overabundance of water may lead to laziness, obesity or bronchial congestion.

Therapies used by ayurveda include herbal mixtures, nutrition, meditation, aromatherapy, music and color therapy and deep cleansing techniques known as Panchakarma.

Panchakarma methods include oil rubs, massage, herbal sweat baths, and medicated inhalations aimed at flushing out harmful toxins which damage sensitive cells and tissues.

Because it is a holistic system closely related to yoga and other spiritual disciplines, much ayurvedic knowledge is aimed at maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This includes a proper diet, regular exercise and meditation, and living according to DINACHARYA, the cycles of nature, both daily (rising with the sun) and seasonally (eating less oily foods in the summer).

One of the great strengths of ayurveda is that, unlike Western medicine, it takes a more individual approach to patients. People are not seen as interchangeable biological machines, but as fitting in a particular DOSHA, or body type, based on the combined influence of the five elements.

There are three basic dosha types: VATA, PITTA, and KAPHA. The nervous, sensitive vata dosha (or "air type") is made up of ether and air; the temperamental, ambitious pitta dosha ("fire type") consists of fire and water; and the cool, phlegmatic kapha dosha ("water type") combines influences of water and earth.

Ayurvedic treatment usually begins with the practitioner carefully interviewing a patient to determine their body type and mental state, as well as specific health problems. Treatments for the same ailment will vary based on individual dosha.

Some ayurvedic therapies focus on MARMAS, or "nerve doorways," and SROTAS, or "channels" -- nerve centers and meridians similar to those used in acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Ayurveda also does not reject Western medicine, thanks to the traditional Vedic philosophy of SANATANA DHARMA: accept everything in its appropriate time and place. Ayurvedic practitioners realize all aspects of medicine can be useful at times.

Ayerveda is recognised by the World Health Organization. More than 300,000 Ayurvedic physicians belong to the All-India Ayurveda Congress, making it the largest medical organization in the world.

Aromatic Tasters

A 20 minute aromatic foot or hand massage is a deeply therapeutic experience which can be enjoyed by anybody whilst sitting in a chair. The hands and feet contain huge numbers of nerve endings and taut muscles which when manipulated firmly can release physical and emotional stress. Essential oils enhance the treatment not only because of their wonderful aromas wafting into the atmosphere but they can be chosen specifically as an afternoon pick-me-up, a morning mental stimulator or as a soothing treat of after a hard day blend!

Available as: 20 minute treatments. Clothed. Require only a chair so can be carried out at your desk. This treatment requires minimal room and so is beautifully versatile.

Suitable for: offices, demonstrations, corporate days, product launches. Parties or balls.
Foot Massage: This is particularly popular where there is dancing (ie balls,or dinner dances) or in-store, where tired feet need a little pampering!
Hand Massage: this is particularly popular in office where there have been long hours at the keyboard

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Energy Balance Massage

The client experiences a variety of luxurious relaxing massage strokes and accupressure point work designed to allieviate physical stress from around the back, neck and shoulders

This is completed with energy work on the aura and the chakras (the body's 7 main energy centres). The therapist may also use crystals and rattles during energy balance work

Available as: 20 minute treatments are fully clothed and require only a chair so can be carried out at your desk. This treatment requires minimal room and so is beautifully versatile.

Or 1 hour in-depth treatment

Suitable for: offices, demonstrations, corporate days, product launches. Parties or balls.

Our Energy Balance therapists include Kimberley Ann Finney and Karin Taylor who have been featured in national magazines and are well known figures at Holistic Events

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Auricular (Ear) Acupuncture

The ancient Chinese viewed the ear as a miniature representation of the whole body. They found that inserting small fine needles in to the relevant body parts on the outer ear led to an improvement in body functions. This system (auricular acupuncture) is helpful for stress management, relaxation, detoxing and as a general tonic. It is also used for a wide range of other conditions including stopping smoking, weight control, tension, insomnia, fatigue, digestive problems, depression, allergies, PMT and headaches.

What does it involve?
It is a simple, safe procedure which involves the insertion of very fine needles in to the outer ear. These are left in place for around 20 minutes while the client relaxes - seated and fully clothed. All needles are pre-packed, sterile and used only once. For those who are afraid of needles or can not have regular treatments, small magnets can be applied to the ear.

Suitable for: offices, demonstrations, corporate days, product launches. All treatments are clothed.

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Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool to help you access your subconscious mind to change the basic thoughts that create negative behaviour patterns. These thoughts and behaviours create blocks that prevent you from reaching your full potential. The trance state used in hypnotherapy is very much like a meditative state, similar to the deep concentration experienced in any activity that you become particularly absorbed in. These states occur naturally when we become deeply involved in something and fail to notice the passage of time, or when we are performing activities on 'auto-pilot'. Clinical hypnosis simply sets the right conditions to create a trance state and you are always in control at all times during the process. Contrary to popular belief, it is not possible for a Hypnotherapist to get you to do something you do not wish to do. Hypnotherapy sessions can focus on any issue that you choose: weight loss, stress reduction, giving up smoking, overcoming fears and phobias, resolving sexual issues, building self esteem and increasing learning potential.

These sessions would need to be carried out in the privacy of a private room or office.

Available as: 1 hour treatment

Suitable for: private sessions at your premises, staff development days

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Future Orientation (TM)


Future Orientation is a technique that takes you into your own future to access the highest potential that you can create. Your dreams can become reality as you build self-confidence and self-esteem and access your hidden talents.

Available as: 1 hour +treatment

Suitable for: private sessions at your premises, staff personal-growth days

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NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is an explicit and powerful model of human experience and communication. Using the principles of NLP it is possible to describe any human activity in a detailed way that allows you to make many deep and lasting changes quickly and easily.

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Past Life Regression

Past-Life Regression has helped many people to find the key to solving problems in their present life. These problems can be physical ones, emotional issues or negative thought patterns. Feeling locked in a particular area can be an indication that there are past-life issues still to be resolved. Often, physical ailments can be relieved once the original past-life event has been re-experienced through the medium of Regression. The original trauma is vied with a technique that removes you from the emotional charge of the experience, allowing you to encounter the events but not the pain, shock or emotional affectations involved. The past-life regression experience is a safe place to release emotions and begin to create a more positive future, without the burdens of the past.

Available as: 1 hour +treatment

Suitable for: private sessions at your premises, staff self-growth days

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Self Growth Through
the Tarot

The tarot is the mirror of the soul. Within the 78 images of the tarot you can see your journey through life. The 22 major arcana of the tarot represent life's archetypes. The tarot will help you to realise your true abilities and inner gifts and your soul's journey through this life.

In these sessions we look at what your true gifts are, what is helping you at this time and what may be blocking enable you to empower yourself and move forward in your life ....with a little help from the Universe

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Colour Bottle Readings

colour bottles

colour bottle readings -great for parties or press days!

For parties, promotions and special events an expert in colour bottle reading will bring along around 100 bottles on a stylish display stand and will ask clients/guests to select a bottle.

Each bottle holds 2 colours in liquid form. The colours you are attracted to reveal a lot about the "inner you" at this time.

Upon selection of a bottle the expert will then interpret what this means for you at this time and tell you a little about yourself; your special talents and gifts - these readings are great fun and fascinating to receive as everyone loves to hear about themselves and the display of bottles is simply stunning!

  • Readings tailored to 5 mins for events
  • All readers hold public liability insurance
  • Everyone is authenticated by CalmerKarma in a 1-1 interview
  • Calmer Karma have provided colour bottle readers for prestigious events such as the HP Colour Olympics (Athens 2003)

Call a booker now on 020 7401 9745 for more details

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