indian head massage is a fantastic treatment for parties


Indian Head Massage is one of the newest and most fashionable treatments to sweep the West; but as with all therapies which are steeped in thousands of years of history; it has enormous therapeutic benefits for the recipient and despite its name is much more than a head massage! It is gaining in popularity and is one of our most popular treatments for workplace stress and events alike.

  • What to expect during a treatment
  • Indian Head Massage takes place seated in a chair so the space and equipment required is minimum
  • Relax while you receive a variety of massage strokes and accupressure stress point work providing instant relief to physical stress around the head, upper back, neck and shoulders! (For workplace stress work is also included for the arms and hands for those keyboard weary muscles!)
  • This highly effective treatment finishes with the secret marma points on the head being circled to release stress and spiral energy through the body to leave the client feeling totally relaxed balanced and re-energised!
  • Work can also be included on the face in the form of a lymphatic drainage massage

Our Opinion:

Indian head is a dynamic and powerful treatment - helps eliminate fatigue, lethargy, stress, tension, and headaches, can help with insomnia.
Energy work on the secret marma points in the head leave you clear headed and re-energised promoting a feeling of wellbeing and sparking creative thinking - our clients never fail to be surprised how amazing they feel after a treatment!
Great for washing away that Monday Morning Feeling!

This holistic treatment is highly effective against stress both physical and emotional, is fun to receive and give.

Parties, promotions and product launches
Indian head is dynamic and fun to watch and quickly draws a crowd and list of hopeful would-be clients

Aromatic Indian Head massage is also available from Calmer Karma with traditional Indian oils

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Meet the team..... Calmer Karma Indian head therapists Kimberley and Piu are pictured above in full party swing!

Available as:15/20 minute treatments - fully clothed. Requires only a chair so can be carried out in the office at your desk if you so wish. This treatment requires minimal room and so is beautifully versatile.(1 hour in-depth treatments also available)

Suitable for:
workplace stress,
demonstrations, corporate days,
product launches, Parties or balls.

Guarantee of Quality:
Get the real thing!

Our Indian Head therapists include therapists featured in national magazines and well as leading figures at Holistic Events. Most having undergone 4 days training in this discipline having already acquired a prestigious aromatherapy diploma

We insist on training in more than one massage discipline... this means you get a properly qualified therapist as opposed to someone who has simply done a 1 day course in Indian Head..... Calmer Karma your guarantee of quality

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